Meet Glenn


Meet your Dreamweaver and Akashic Adventure guide, Glenn Baillie-Price. 


Everyone needs fulfillment and joy.  I read this on my first day at work as a fresh-faced 21-year-old, and it has guided my career as a communications specialist, businesswoman, innovator and intuitive.


What I (now) see clearly is that this small but significant gift, the mantra, was a clue to my life purpose: to live in beauty. First that started with me, and now my work is about helping others to live in beauty - waking up to the beauty within us and around us, finding your soul's true north from the inside-out. This is why Akashic Adventures exists.


A certified and respected reader of the Akashic Records, Glenn connects everyday people (like you) with your soul’s truth, its true north. What do these everyday people have to say about their Akashic Adventures?