​A chapter of my story

 A thriver's story of domestic violence. Last year  I attended a talk in my workplace from an impressive NZ Police Superintendent, and it inspired me to tell share my story of domestic violence – or DV, as my lawyer affectionally called it - in the hope of helping others. Here is that story. Some of us were talking after the presentation, and agreed that when it comes to family violence, the nature of it turns us away. We care, but it’s just too painful to dwell on. So, I thought I’d share my story because it has a happy ending. And because I may not look like the poster child for family violence, but that’s the point. This social cancer pervades all walks, and sadly there will be people in our organisation right now who are experiencing it. Here goes. I grew up in what people would describe as a ‘nice’ nuclear family. I was loved and had a good upbringing free of violence and any type of abuse. In my mid-20s, I was a successful young Wellington woman. I had a flat in Mt Vic, great friends, too many shoes, and had started a communications consultancy at the ripe old age of 26. Looking back, I had the world at my feet. Then I met the man I thought was the love of my life – actually, he was to become the lesson I needed to learn, but we’ll get to that. Just as Superintendent 'M' outlined is the family violence pattern, we started out madly in love. We moved to Sydney, partied like rock stars… and slowly my life fell apart.  I interrupt this story to  list the eight rungs of the Power & Control wheel: IntimidationIsolationEmotional abuseEconomic abuseUsing childrenUsing gender privilegeCoercion, threats Minimising If you read none of this, take in these eight factors. It is critical to my story – and to understanding this insidious issue.  I’ve been asked many, many times, “how could this happen to you?” My answer directs people to the wheel. A senior policewoman told me I was very brave: she was thinking of the wheel.  But why?The answer lies in its eight rungs. Physical violence is but one.  It’s the physical abuse we typically focus on because it can be proven. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for it: the physical violence I suffered was, in the end, a key contributor to my freedom. Police had a record and like a true coward, my ex backed down in the face of being exposed.But I stayed through the physical episodes, after being choke-held when I was pregnant and when my six-month old son lay sleeping, or being hospitalized when my head was shoved through a car window.  Understand why people stay in family violence – they’re stuckNow you’re thinking, why did that policewoman say I was brave? How can you be brave and live like that? Well, I had to - he had me trapped by the eight rungs of that wheel. Trapped by my ability to earn money being cut off, being isolated, having my children used as weapons, being gas-lighted so many times I thought I was going mad.This is what keeps you stuck. Because trust me, no one wants this. Remember that next time you hear of someone – anyone – who stays in family violence. They are stuck.The other key thing to know is that no one takes this lying down. It’s just that the fight back is usually forced underground, and you play the long game getting every duck in a row. It’s life or death. I bet someone is reading this right now who lies awake each night planning their escape. If you are, and you want to talk about it, email me. x How do we help one another?Go back to the wheel. To escape family violence, people need to break free of the controls (think: the eight rungs) that have been woven into their life. My suggestions are:Support people to have independent financial control – for example, The Warehouse has a brilliant policy where all employees must be paid into a bank account that has their name on it. Money = freedom (and lawyers are expensive!).Give someone a safe place to go – this is where our workplace can play a huge role!Help someone make a plan – or give them options so they feel empowered.Remind them they’re not alone in this – the loneliness of DV is indescribable.Remind them that they matter. The abuse makes you feel worthless and often suicidal. I credit my children and a nugget of self-love with keeping me alive. If you can help someone stay alive, keep a glimmer of hope, know their children are ok, know that they will come through this fire – then you are a hero.  Getting outExcuse the dramatics, but getting out of DV really is like a phoenix rising from the ashes! What was a nightmare became a gift, because above all it taught me self-love. Real self-love.  I had to put myself first or I couldn’t help my children. I had to look at my pain and understand why this had happened to me to move up and away from it.When I did this, I stopped being a victim and thrived. I stopped playing tug-o-war with a sociopath and left him in the gutter. Things worked out. He backed down. We were free.Does he trigger me now? No, he does not.  Am I scared of him now? No, I am not – although I note he runs a mile if he has to see me.Family violence is a dark part of our society, but we all have the ability to light a match. And as you know, when the flame is bright, darkness retreats. Always, be the light.  

​Twin Flames

What are twin flames, and what is all the fuss about? Put your seat beat on, it’s a ride like no other.  And unless you’re on it, you won’t get it.  Twin flames are your alchemy partner; they’re someone with which you share an identical energy vibration and a shared consciousness. Many twin flame experts talk about “one soul in two bodies”, but as a twin I personally prefer the shared consciousness concept. This yields the phenomenon many twins experience of shared or mirrored life experiences and synchronicities, feeling like home or being in a time vacuum when you’re with them, sharing their thoughts and feelings. Telepathy with my twin was how I cottoned on to the concept – which was like a foreign land opening up before me.  (That's why I like to support twins now; I've been there and I know how weird and confusing it can be. Below is a note from a twin flame client this week, makes me happy!) That was truly amazing, thank you so much for your wisdom, everything made perfect sense. It’s so wonderful to hear you speak about such a connection that not many I know understand. - KS Try as I might to forget about him, I’d drive past his workplace and my guides would whisper, “red string man”.  The red string of fate: one destined lover, an unbreakable bond that time, space, distance, odds against you can’t break.  The red string is unconditional love. The catch is that we twins are all about love and union – but that doesn’t necessarily mean romantic love and a white wedding, as we are conditioned to believe. Love starts within, and the twin flame journey at its root is about waking up. Waking up to who you really are, what you’re destined to do, and the infinite wellspring of love and joy and creation within you. I have my twin to thank (as do many) for waking me fully to my psychic abilities, putting me on my true north trajectory, catapulting me on up the ascension ladder. Why? Because we are alchemy partners: that’s the deal. An alchemist is one who transforms everything with love, so when you are living your bliss (following your heart, living your dreams) you are helping make the world a better place. The best service we can give this world is to lift up, dream big, and follow our true north. If you have a twin flame, I know that they’re the one driving you to wake up and start living this. Right? Twin flames are:Starting with the As...All about love – so anything in the way of that will come up to be cleared once you meet.Alchemy partners – there to guide one another to waking up to love and who you really are as souls – your true self.Always together on the soul planes, where you can share experiences and exchanges.Able to communicate without words, over time and space. Plus, there's these...Here in this lifetime because your souls planned it that way.Unique – every connection has its own path. Your insight and intuition about your connection is right.Identical in your energy vibration – you feel like home to one another.Mirrors for one another – including all the stuff you hide away that’s blocking you from love. That’s the alchemy bit: turning the gunk into gold for your higher good.Higher vibrational souls – here to help the planet move into a better place (called 5D in soul circles – a world that’s about peace, acceptance, creation, union, joy, love).Not like everybody else – so don’t compare. It will torture you.Old souls – you’ve lived hundreds of lifetimes, many with your twin. Some of the karma from these lifetimes will impact your twin connection in this lifetime. And, to explain the photo...Symbolised by swans – xx.      

Soul Searching​

 **If you'd like the Soul Searching postcard PDF, simply ask! Email me at glennbaillieprice@gmail.com and I'll send it through.** xx Uncover what's blocking you from your power and purpose (your true north) CONNECT TO YOUR HEART & HIGHER-SELF - Go into meditation and/or your Akashic Record to help your mind step back and your heart/higher self step forward. ASK FOR ASSISTANCE - Call in any higher power you believe in to help oversee the process - your spirit guides, God, Spirit, angels. Give them permission to assist. ZONE IN ON A BLOCK - Feel into a current challenge – an upset, issue, physical ailment – then rate its intensity from one (low) to 10 (high). START UNCOVERING! Zoning in on the feeling of the block/issue, ask it:“How old is this?”“Where did it come from; what is its root cause?”“Why is this presenting to me now? UNLOCK UNDERSTANDING - With gratitude, make a note of the answers filtering in. Keep an open mind and heart. Trust the understanding these answers bring. Sit in this knowing. CLEAR THE BLOCK - Focus back on the block/issue and roll into it an (imagined) ball of energy. Send the ball up and out of the top (crown) of your head. Check in: what does it rate (out of 10) now? Acknowledge the change, thanking yourself and your soul team for the shift. Re-run the process whenever you need to!Clearing raises your vibration and connection to your true north. xx  

​Simple shielding

  **If you'd like the Simple Shielding postcard PDF, simply ask! Email me at glennbaillieprice@gmail.com and I'll send it through.** xx For positive boundaries and being in a state of self-love and acceptance Breathe in for a count of four, three, two, one – hold for four, three, two, one – release for four, three, two, oneCentre yourself – be still in the momentImagine a protective bubble of light (or cloud or mist) around youWhat colour and compound is your protective shield? How does it feel? Like love?As you visualize the shield, command the energy: Only those that are there for my highest good can come into my energy space. Close the sequence if that feels right – a simple thank you, Om mani padme hum, Namaste. If it feels right, extend your shield to loved ones, e.g. your children or a close friend.Have faith that you are loved unconditionally, and protected by the light. xx 



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