Akashic Adventures

Akashic healing

Being a high vibrational, quantum or "5th-dimensional" energy, the Akashic Records are custom-built for the ultimate healing of mind, body and soul.


Healing starts simply by being in (or opening) your Akashic Record.  You're infused with its divine light, your energetic vibration being elevated. But how?


When we consider the fact that everything in our world, our Universe, is made up of vibrating energy, this starts to make sense:

  • High vibrating phenomena include feel-good emotions, Mother Nature and animals, healthy food and water, physical movement, positive thoughts and visualisations, the creative arts and music...
  • Low vibrating energies include negative thinking and judgement, toxic people who ego-driven, man-made or processed products (including junk food), social media and social competition, fears and doubts, stress and anxiety.


By physically being in your Akashic Record, the Law of Attraction dictates that you'll naturally repel things of a low vibration, while attracting the high-vibe.