Akashic Adventures


Manifesting: easy when you know how


SHOW UP and take responsibility.


Wake up. Commit to being the driver of your life. Paint your masterpiece.

There’s a universal life force that runs through you: take it by the hand and run, jump, dance! Go!


DECIDE what you really want.


Try these techniques to unearth what you really, truly want. Trust what comes up!


Say, “my soul feels happy when…” and list all the answers that pop up

Be eight years old again and remember back to what made you joyful

Ask yourself, if a miracle were to happen, what would it be…?




Say a positive affirmation about your dream or desire, in the present tense.

Visualise it unfolding, like you’re experiencing it right now. Feel into this like it’s happening right now. How do you feel? Excited? Uplifted? Energised? Happy?


ELEVATE your vibration.


Bam! Your energetic vibration just lifted up – way up!

This is where you want to be. This is alchemy.  You’ve just taken a dream and made it real. How? When you experience something in the present moment, universal laws read this energy as reality, and manifestation takes place. The universe will match what you put out into it.


Creativity is limitless – just like you. xx