Akashic Adventures

Soul surfing to create positive change​





Alchemy is the magic of our energetic universe; it’s what happens when love transmutes or transforms something.


When you remember that energy cannot be destroyed - only its form can be changed - you understand the power of alchemy to change the world.


This can all seem a bit big and impossible. My brain is hurting with the magnitude of it all. But what if we saw alchemy as being like (the religion of) surfing? We unconsciously soul surf all the time. What if, instead of being a by-stander, you actively participate in transforming that frightening, impending wave into a ride that thrills your soul and lifts you upwards.


I’ve always wanted to surf.  I’m obsessed with the sea, yet I have an innate fear of being in the ocean. (Yes, it came from a past life: I drowned when I was a young 32-year-old man.) So this idea really appeals to me because I can live my dream, and do some inner alchemy at the same time! The positive pivot, as Abraham Hicks would say.


My soul-surfing equation is (roughly):

Intention + Energy transmutation = Positive physical change


Soul-surf in your next meditation or quiet inner moment by:

Jumping on your soul-surfboard. Any colour, shape, design you like. (If there’s a particular colour you’re drawn to, it might be a clue to a blocked or enlarged chakra. But that’s another post for another day.)

Intend to connect with the emotions, the waves. Intention is vital, as is belief.

Observe the waves rolling in. What are they about? Listen and trust your inner knowing. Whatever comes to you is right.

Paddle towards the wave; launch yourself onto it knowing that you will conquer it.

Feel the power of the wave uplifting you to the light above your head.

You stay up, up in the light and look down, riding above the wave as it crashes to shore and dissolves into calm ripples.


The fear, doubt, wound, karmic pattern has been washed away. More so, your act of surfing the wave has transmuted its original energy of fear into an energy of empowerment. Because this carries the higher vibration of love and light, it is far more powerful and creates a ripple effect.


In this way, you can soul-surf your way to create or manifest positive change in your life. First on the inside, at your own private beach party. Then watch it take form in the physical.


Hang-10, soul friends. xx