Akashic Adventures

Am I going crazy?​


No you’re not - not at all. An Akashic reading is often immensely healing simply because it affirms to someone that they’re not going crazy.


So many clients are motivated to commission a reading due to premonitions, dreams or so-called obsessions that, in their mind, are rendering them a crazy person.  Yet, it feels right.


An Akashic reading, with its explanations of talents, past life connections and events, can explain so much of the inexplicable.  Many people feel reassured and calm after a reading. It restores their faith; it gives them faith!


Readings can unfold and shed light on a fascination with a country or lifestyle, an energetic connection with someone, a skill or unexplained talent, a growing sense of questioning about aspects of yourself or your life.  The possibilities are endless – just like the Akashic Records themselves.


Adventure story examples...


Trying to decide whether to move countries or not: what to do?

In this adventure ‘story’, the client had many deep past life connections with the country she and her family were planning to relocate to.  The records gave clarity on her soul purpose, and showed how the lifestyle that would result from the move would enable her to fulfill this life purpose.  They also gave deeper understanding on stress factors related to the move, such the client’s battles with anxiety.  Some of this anxiety was linked to her traumas from her past lives in the country, therefore relocating there would help her confront and resolve the root causes of the anxiety.


Colleagues sharing a strange, nervous energy: why?

The records revealed they’d shared an unrequited love from a past life as salves in the American South.  They had karma to heal, and this was why the two had begun working together in the present life: to turn pain and suffering into love and healing. As salves, due to circumstances the two had been denied being able to be together. Their path in this lifetime was about helping society for the better through their work. In this way, the negative karma, heartbreak and trauma of their slave connection could be turned into a force for good in the world.


Being born an Aquarian (star sign) and health challenges: what’s the connection?

The ancient period of Aquarius came through strongly in the reading, revealing much for the present. The client had been a well-known public figure in Atlantis, involved in politics and a powerful healer.  There had been discord, a curse put onto them and he had been publicly tortured and thrown out of society.  The fate of this Atlantis life was so devastating , it had haunted the client through many past lives. So too had the curse, put onto them by someone that the client had recently formed an intense – but toxic – friendship with in present-day life.  Cutting cords with this person, and applying energetic healing to areas of the body that were damaged by the torture, helped lift the weight of the curse and the client took control of their healing. Understanding their soul history helped them navigate their healing; they also started to choose their priorities and the people in their life more wisely.