Akashic Adventures

Elevators and hearts

I guess I'm gonna have to climb on up

(Climb on up, climb on up, climb on up)

In the elevator to her heart

(Climb on up, climb on up, climb on up)

Climb on up in the elevator to her heart

(Climb on up, climb on up, climb on up)

- Terence Trent D’ Arby – Elevators and Hearts


What if a simple book gave you the secrets to happiness? Your Akashic Record is this book – and it’s yours, and yours alone.


The Akashic Records help you understand the subconscious patterns and attachments that might be holding you back from reaching your bliss, your true north.


To elevate and climb to your heart’s truth sounds do-able. We’ve all heard it - follow your heart, be true to yourself, listen to your gut - but making these statements real can be, well, hard. Frankly, if it were easy we’d all be fist-pumping Oprah on Super Soul Sunday.


What to do? Start at the bottom. Know what’s anchoring you down. Through understanding, we clear out the bad stuff that causes the blocks. Healing occurs. And when we heal, our energy changes: it lifts us into the higher vibrations of love, joy, abundance… we enter the penthouse suites and live more elevated, fulfilled and happy lives.


An Akashic reading helps you pinpoint the anchors.  The barriers to your happiness.

It does so by telling you the story behind the wound, trauma or negative connection. In this way, you understand why things have happened as they have. This is the pivotal point of unleashing you upwards.


Never underestimate understanding.  It’s our soul’s currency. Once we understand, our soul ticks and box and pushes the button for the next level up on your elevator to bliss.