Akashic Adventures

The mid-life crisis...


I think the term mid-life crisis has a lot to answer for.


I found myself asking a lot of questions about my life: am I in the right relationship, in the the career, am I fulfilling my purpose? Am I happy? These questions lead me to Glenn. I needed answers to the questions that were surfacing.


Glenn helped me navigate a situation I found myself in after meeting a person which whom I shared an intense connection. It was confusing and unexpected for me at the time. I was in turmoil and worried about what it meant. 


Her readings gave me insights into this deep shared connection, and helped me discover the lessons I needed to learn through the experience. I’m grateful for her steady, wise counsel which has lead me back to my creative expression. Within Glenn’s help I am finding my way back to my true pathway, and my sense of who I truly am.