Akashic Adventures

The dance of karma        

Karmic patterns and connections are often the underlying cause of triggers, problem relationships or (toxic) patterns in our lives.


Akashic readings are a godsend for unpacking your karmic history, so you can understand how to heal the karma and move onwards – and upwards – in your life. The Records shine a light of understanding or insight onto lessons, situations or people so that we can take karma into our own hands and do the work our souls are calling us to do.


Taking positive action is the fastest way to moving yourself forward in every aspect of your life. Healing karma is part of what our soul missions in each lifetime are about.


Karma and the Law of One


Think of karma as a ‘Universal code of conduct’ that our Soul self operates by. When this code is broken or tipped off-balance, checks need to occur to bring your Soul back into its rightful place. 


In soul terms – and we can backtrack 8-10,000 years to Golden Atlantis when people lived in a high vibrational, fifth dimension on a daily basis  – the universal, karmic code of conduct was called The Law of One.


Law of One Vs Ego behaviours


The Law of One is about unity, love and abundance, cooperation, and operating for the universal higher good. The Law of One is the realm of the soul.

We break the Law of One with egocentric behaviour, including games of self/status advancement, power and control, and other destructive ego patterns such as vanity, greed or cruelty.


When the Law of One has been broken (in any of the many interactions or experiences of our past lives) we carry this karma through in order to heal and rectify it. For example, that toxic work colleague who gets under your skin is likely someone you have negative karma with.  By addressing their bullying or self-aggrandising behaviour, you alchemise the negative connection with your energy, flooding it with justice and setting the scales straight.

When the karma has been healed, you’ll find that the connection melts away in some form or other.


The dance of karma

Just like a dance, when you’re in a karmic loop with someone or something, you’ll get pulled in again and again until the breakthrough happens. 


It might be that you need to speak your truth, or demonstrate the courage to stand up for who you truly are. It might be forgiving a betrayal.  It might be learning to be happy or fulfilled by your soul gifts – choosing to turn away from ‘easy’ money or power temptations.


Like anything, dancing with karma is far easier when we understand what we’re dealing (dancing) with. This is where the Akashic Records – and other channelled gifts - come in.  When we ask them about a specific problem or situation, the relevant details will be presented so we can see why the karma exists, and the best course of action to address it.


Karmic healing: doing the right thing

Ultimately, healing our karma is the best medicine you can give yourself. Why karma is the right thing for you, the collective, and the greater good:


  • It alchemises or transforms conflict and negativity into peace and understanding
  • It lifts your soul vibration into a higher, more advanced state (you literally have less ‘baggage’ holding you down)
  • It frees you from toxic patterns and people in your life
  • It opens you up to focus on the things that bring you joy and fulfilment. xx