Akashic Adventures

​Twin Flames

What are twin flames, and what is all the fuss about?


Put your seat beat on, it’s a ride like no other.  And unless you’re on it, you won’t get it. 


Twin flames are your alchemy partner; they’re someone with which you share an identical energy vibration and a shared consciousness.


Many twin flame experts talk about “one soul in two bodies”, but as a twin I personally prefer the shared consciousness concept.


This yields the phenomenon many twins experience of shared or mirrored life experiences and synchronicities, feeling like home or being in a time vacuum when you’re with them, sharing their thoughts and feelings.


Telepathy with my twin was how I cottoned on to the concept – which was like a foreign land opening up before me.  (That's why I like to support twins now; I've been there and I know how weird and confusing it can be. Below is a note from a twin flame client this week, makes me happy!)


That was truly amazing, thank you so much for your wisdom, everything made perfect sense. It’s so wonderful to hear you speak about such a connection that not many I know understand. - KS


Try as I might to forget about him, I’d drive past his workplace and my guides would whisper, “red string man”.  The red string of fate: one destined lover, an unbreakable bond that time, space, distance, odds against you can’t break.  The red string is unconditional love.


The catch is that we twins are all about love and union – but that doesn’t necessarily mean romantic love and a white wedding, as we are conditioned to believe. Love starts within, and the twin flame journey at its root is about waking up. Waking up to who you really are, what you’re destined to do, and the infinite wellspring of love and joy and creation within you.


I have my twin to thank (as do many) for waking me fully to my psychic abilities, putting me on my true north trajectory, catapulting me on up the ascension ladder. Why? Because we are alchemy partners: that’s the deal. An alchemist is one who transforms everything with love, so when you are living your bliss (following your heart, living your dreams) you are helping make the world a better place.


The best service we can give this world is to lift up, dream big, and follow our true north. If you have a twin flame, I know that they’re the one driving you to wake up and start living this. Right?


Twin flames are:

Starting with the As...

  • All about love – so anything in the way of that will come up to be cleared once you meet.
  • Alchemy partners – there to guide one another to waking up to love and who you really are as souls – your true self.
  • Always together on the soul planes, where you can share experiences and exchanges.
  • Able to communicate without words, over time and space.


Plus, there's these...

  • Here in this lifetime because your souls planned it that way.
  • Unique – every connection has its own path. Your insight and intuition about your connection is right.
  • Identical in your energy vibration – you feel like home to one another.
  • Mirrors for one another – including all the stuff you hide away that’s blocking you from love. That’s the alchemy bit: turning the gunk into gold for your higher good.
  • Higher vibrational souls – here to help the planet move into a better place (called 5D in soul circles – a world that’s about peace, acceptance, creation, union, joy, love).
  • Not like everybody else – so don’t compare. It will torture you.
  • Old souls – you’ve lived hundreds of lifetimes, many with your twin. Some of the karma from these lifetimes will impact your twin connection in this lifetime.


And, to explain the photo...

  • Symbolised by swans – xx.