Akashic Adventures

Soul Searching​


**If you'd like the Soul Searching postcard PDF, simply ask! Email me at and I'll send it through.** xx


Uncover what's blocking you from your power and purpose (your true north)


CONNECT TO YOUR HEART & HIGHER-SELF - Go into meditation and/or your Akashic Record to help your mind step back and your heart/higher self step forward.


ASK FOR ASSISTANCE - Call in any higher power you believe in to help oversee the process - your spirit guides, God, Spirit, angels. Give them permission to assist.


ZONE IN ON A BLOCK - Feel into a current challenge – an upset, issue, physical ailment – then rate its intensity from one (low) to 10 (high).


START UNCOVERING! Zoning in on the feeling of the block/issue, ask it:

  • “How old is this?”
  • “Where did it come from; what is its root cause?”
  • “Why is this presenting to me now?


UNLOCK UNDERSTANDING - With gratitude, make a note of the answers filtering in. Keep an open mind and heart. Trust the understanding these answers bring. Sit in this knowing.


CLEAR THE BLOCK - Focus back on the block/issue and roll into it an (imagined) ball of energy. Send the ball up and out of the top (crown) of your head. Check in: what does it rate (out of 10) now? Acknowledge the change, thanking yourself and your soul team for the shift.


Re-run the process whenever you need to!

Clearing raises your vibration and connection to your true north. xx