Akashic Adventures

​Simple shielding



**If you'd like the Simple Shielding postcard PDF, simply ask! Email me at and I'll send it through.** xx


For positive boundaries and being in a state of self-love and acceptance


  1. Breathe in for a count of four, three, two, one – hold for four, three, two, one – release for four, three, two, one
  2. Centre yourself – be still in the moment
  3. Imagine a protective bubble of light (or cloud or mist) around you
  4. What colour and compound is your protective shield? How does it feel? Like love?
  5. As you visualize the shield, command the energy: Only those that are there for my highest good can come into my energy space.
  6. Close the sequence if that feels right – a simple thank you, Om mani padme hum, Namaste.


If it feels right, extend your shield to loved ones, e.g. your children or a close friend.

Have faith that you are loved unconditionally, and protected by the light. xx