Akashic Adventures


**If you'd like the Soul Surfing postcard PDF, simply ask! Email me at and I'll send it through.** xx


 Soul-surf in your next meditation or quiet inner moment by:

  1.  Jump on your soul-surfboard (any design you like!)
  2. See waves of emotion (fears, doubts, worries) rolling in toward you
  3. Observe the waves - what are they about? Trust the answers that come up
  4. Jump on your board! Paddle into the waves, knowing you'll conquer this
  5. Feel the power of the wave lifting you high
  6. Feel a light, a loving all-powerful light, above your head as you're lifted skyward
  7. From this elevated place of light, look down onto the wave of fear
  8. Let the wave subside, crashing ashore and dissolving into ripples.


Fears, doubts, worries have been washed away.

Your act of soul-surfing alchemised (transformed) the wave of fear into a powerful wave of light and hope within you. xx