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What the Akashic Records have to say about Covid 19

It is a catalyst for change and a necessary part of the ascension process. Personally and collectively it is triggering rapid growth and transformation. It is removing the old to make way for the new. On a higher level it was planned to empower and bring humanity back into balance. There is huge learning in this situation. It is necessary to change the consciousness on the planet and to bring us more rapidly into alignment with Fifth Dimensional energies.

For too long we have lived in fear and allowed it to control us. Ironically the huge wave of fear triggered by this virus will help take humanity beyond it. We will get through this and the experience will open up many of our hearts and minds to what is important and what it is possible to create together.
In the past when humans have banded together to fight a common enemy it has brought out the best in us. We have overcome the worst aspects of human nature and worked together for the highest good. In those times we were fighting against each other. This virus is a foreign invader of a different kind. It is transcending all barriers of race, religion and language and affecting every single person on Earth.

This virus will help expose any flaws in the system, leaders for whom human life and well-being is not a priority and the questionable practises which helped create the virus in the first place. It will break old structures down and will usher in a new generation of leaders who aren’t motivated by self-interest and a lust for power and control.

Our lives as we know them will be suspended for a while. Taking time out from our usual busyness will give us a chance to reflect on how we are living. We will be forced to live in the moment and to trust and rely more on our inner wisdom. More time at home and with our families and friends will help us to realise what is really important. We will take better care of our bodies and learn to listen to and look after them. Our priorities will change.

This is a huge awakening for humanity. This virus as a threat to our very survival is challenging us to the core. This time is a water shed that will allow us to recalibrate and reboot as individuals and as a collective so we can create a world where integrity and compassion are at the core.
In the not too distant future we will see this time and the virus as a precious gift, a process of purification which has helped us to live more conscious lives and to speak and live our respective truths. We will survive this and survive it well. It will bring out the best in us and empower us on all levels so the fear that has enslaved us for aeons of time no longer has any sting.Transparency and working together for the highest good will be our new way of living. We will focus on what we have in common rather than what divides us. It is paving the way for a new world order.

This shared experience is bringing us together so we can lay down a new template for the future of this planet, one of Unity consciousness and oneness that will help us move beyond fear and suffering forever.

Chris Wilson