Akashic Adventures

D's Adventure x

Beautiful client DSM's Akashic Adventure helped heal her family. Blessings! xx


My Akashic Adventures reading has been life changing. 


I had been chronically worried about some things regarding my children, and I received specific information that has allayed my fears – worth its weight in gold!  Initially I was given information about how best to word my questions – once I got into the swing of it I had quite the list to send Glenn.


She was able to answer them and go much, much further and deeper, offering healing where it was clearly needed, and techniques for me to help myself.  Glenn pinpointed information that she couldn’t possibly have known about myself and my family. 


Her accuracy left me in tears, and with a weight off my shoulders.  She had some messages for me that resonated deeply.  Information about past lives was really interesting and helped make sense of mine and my family’s lives today. 


I even have more understanding and peace about my parents’ lives.  I can honestly say that having this reading done is one of the most powerful and meaningful things I have done for myself. 

Thank you again Glenn - D.S.M xx