Akashic Adventures


Brainwaves - like everything in our Universe - are energy. 


Specifically, brainwaves are electrical emissions produced by neurons in our brain. We measure their frequencies (or energetic vibration) as cycles per second called hertz (Hz).


You can think of brainwaves as being a little bit like people at a party. There are different types, they interact and communicate with one another, and their differing personalities are highly distinguishable.


The most common brainwave frequencies are: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.


Alpha 8-13 Hz state is the “brainwave bridge”: the gateway between higher and lower states of consciousness. Alpha is a cool place to be: it’s your creative mindset, the place where you feel relaxed, intuitive and open to ideas.  


Alpha is a healthy state for humans, as our immune system resides within the bandwidth so it can help us heal anxiety and stress, and become more present and peaceful.


Theta 4-7 Hz is the subconscious mind, and where we access the Akashic Records.


The Theta brainwave state can be elusive; the twilight realm we catch glimpses of in the space between waking and sleeping. Theta is your brain at its infinite, expansive best. Think shamanic journeying, deep meditation, waking sleep, REM sleep, hypnosis. When we master Theta state, we can tap into our subconscious to uncover buried information, beliefs, behaviours, patterning, fears and desires.


Theta state is the powerhouse for healing and positive change: it is where we interconnect mind, body (heart) and soul to find our true north. 


The Akashic Records gifts us with a shortcut into Theta: accessing the records guides us to revelations and truths to set our truest selves free.