Akashic Adventures

Am I on the right path?


There wasn’t a particular event that made me seek out a reading with Glenn.  I think it was just a general feeling of ,“What’s next?  Am I on the right path?” and, given I’ve always been drawn to the “unknown” spirit world, part of it was just wanting to understand another dimension of that and see how it plays out.  


The reading was very insightful and in a very positive way I knew a lot of what Glenn spoke about already.  For example, she talked about my connection with nature and animals, and that’s always been something I’ve felt very strongly about and had been seeking to get back to - and it was partly the driver for a recent move.  


There were a couple of (lovely) surprises, but certainly nothing that, again, I didn’t already feel a connection with, so I guess there was just a great feeling of affirmation for me following the reading. 


Have I made any changes since my reading?  Not hugely as yet, but I think for me it was just another reminder that we should all trust our instinct when it comes to what’s right for us.  We’re so conditioned to follow certain paths and, particularly in a social media world, compare ourselves to what everyone else is doing, but really, it needs to come back to you and what feels right for you.  


One thing it has prompted me to do is write down my perfect day again.  I first did this about 25 years ago and it does need a bit of a refresh, though reading it through I’m almost there - I just need a few more furry friends now!  Thanks for the lovely reminder, Glenn.