That was the best thing I have ever done – in my entire life – thank you! N.H‚Äč


WOW!  Freakin' amazing.  I didn't know what to expect but I didn't expect all this and so eloquent and beautiful.  Thank you so much!  It resonates with me deeply.  I'm just blown away. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You are incredible.  S.L


Thanks again, your website, your emails and all the words your carefully chose make this adventure really exciting . I really appreciate all the kindness and love coming through the reading from the guides and from you.  I know that translating emotion or divine energy into paper for people to read is not an easy task cause it often comes as quick flash or emotion but your are doing great and in very intelligent way! F. B.


My Akashic Adventures reading has been life changing. Glenn pinpointed information that she couldn’t possibly have known about myself and my family.  Her accuracy left me in tears, and with a weight off my shoulders...  having this reading done is one of the most powerful and meaningful things I have done for myself. xx D.S.M


Glenn, my reading with you was so special and something I will treasure forever.  You have such a gift at connecting with people felt like the words had just ‘flowed’ and yet felt so ‘right' for me.  I am recommending you to anyone who’s needing some help as they navigate their way through life - or indeed, just anyone who would like to know more about how they’ve come to be the way they are in this life - it’s fascinating!  Thank you. A.P


Oh wow, you are amazing - thank you for all your insights. Quite emotional reading this! And so many things that really resonate, as well as a few things to challenge me - and that's good:) What a lot of writing - I had no idea how in depth/detailed you would go - thank you, thank you! M.D


This is incredible Glenn, thank you SO much, you truly have a gift for this. I felt a great sense of relief when I read your reading… it revealed many truths that I know and really helped to reinforce my own intuition... I can only say thank you, but the depth of gratitude I feel towards you for creating this is immense. P.S


Wow. Wow wow wow. I'm speechless and that's a very rare thing! I will take time to read this properly (and multiple times) as I absorb it all in. There's so much there, and even though I came into this with no expectations, I'm still absolutely blown away by how true it all is, and how much I can relate to it. C.C


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