How it works


Akashic Adventures is a bridge to your spirit guides and soul journey with its adventures past, present and future.


Going into the Akashic field activates your divine light or energy; it creates a positive momentum iwhile revealing answers to your questions, issues, or challenges.  Most feel a sense of 'knowing all along' as their reading taps into their cellular, DNA memory.

Book your reading. Give permission for your Akashic Record to be opened by giving Glenn Baillie-Price your full, legal name, i.e. name on your passport or driver’s licence.

Think of questions*, focusing on what is happening in your life right now, in the present. 

*Glenn will email ideas/prompts for guidance, including questions about career, relationships, challenges/issues, health and wellbeing, past lives or karma.

The written reading will pick up on your soul’s future plans and your potential for this lifetime.



Now buckle up and settle in!

All you have to do is be open to the experience, and let the Akashic Adventures crew do the rest.

Glenn writes her Akashic readings, channeling the information through the action of writing.  You receive a light-infused written text to keep and refer to. With love xx

 Oh wow, you are amazing - thank you for all your insights. Quite emotional reading this! And so many things that really resonate, as well as a few things to challenge me - and that's good:) What a lot of writing - I had no idea how in depth/detailed you would go - thank you, thank you! M.D \\ See client feedback.